A small European country known for its goals of reconciliation and modernisation.


Transport to Verdis is currently limited and only accessible via boat arrangements. We are working to bring in daily trips from Osijek to Verdis and back in the near future.

About Verdis

Verdis, officially the Free Republic of Verdis is a small country located in Southeast Europe along the Danube River between the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Serbia.

The country is known for its large dedication towards reconciliation, humanitarian needs and the environment. The country’s total area is 0.501km2 making it the second smallest country in the world, just behind Vatican City.

Visit Verdis

At this time, Verdis is only accessible via boat. If you are looking to visit Verdis, please contact the Verdisian Government at in order to sort out boat arrangements from Osijek.

The Verdisian Government is looking to bring in monthly scheduled boat transport between Croatia and Verdis in the coming months.

Tourists are advised not to walk to Verdis from the Croatian border due to potential landmines in the area from the Croatian War of Independence.

Things to do in Verdis

Travel the Danube

Travel along the Verdisian part of the Danube river to see an extraordinary site of nature and the country’s beauty.


Hike all the way around Verdis’ perimeter from the river beaches to the border within less than an hour. Experience the beautiful wildlife in the area and the clear air.


This activity is limited at the moment. We advise you use travel organised by the Verdisian Government for safety reasons. Contact the Verdisian Government for more information.


Talk with officials of the Verdisian Government

When visiting Verdis through Verdisian Government organised trips, a Verdisian Government official will likely join you to ensure you have a safe journey without issues, and also to answer any questions you have about the country whether its plans for the future of Verdis, or the wildlife in the area.